How Leather Goods Manufacturing process in india

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Leather goods manufacturing process is a flourishing industry in India. The country produces around 8 million pieces of leather goods every year, accounting for nearly 40% of the global production. Despite this, the market for Indian leather has been decreasing with the growth of polyester and plastic products on an international level. However, India’s ruling party seems to be confident that increasing exports and investments will increase returns from this industry.

Despite all these changes, there are still many challenges to overcome in the leather industry in India. Manufacturing brands that are well established need to be reformulated, while new manufacturing brands must be established. This process takes time and a great deal of investment into marketing and branding. However, the rewards far outweigh the costs. India is currently the 4th largest leather goods supplier in the world and is expected to gain more market share in the coming years.

Key Trends in Leather Goods Manufacturing Industry in India

Most people think of leather as a material used for shoes or jackets, but it is actually used for many more items than this

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