Artisan taking care and repair leather piece in workshop
Photo by Gustavo Fring on

Just like human, leather needs to be maintained to age gracefully and last for decades.

Here is a guild we’ve prepared to help you maintain your Moshi Leather products.

• Keep leather away from direct heat/sunlight for long time, so it doesn’t dry out.

• You can use some hand cream to moisturize the leather easily when it get dry.

• Keep leather away from water, because leather has pores.

• We recommend Collonil’s leather Gel to make it waterproof.

Lastly, you will find that natural leather changes with time.

It will give the leather products a unique design, one of a kind.

  • If the leather accessory is getting too DRY or cracking up, gently rub a leather conditioner into the leather once every quarter.
  • If the leather accessory gets DIRTY, only use a damp cloth and give it a wipe down. Steer clear from adding soap or chemical to the water.
  • If the leather accessory gets WET, dry it naturally and slowly in room temperature. Always avoid speed drying with a heater or hair dryer.
  • Never store or transport it in a plastic grocery bag. Either use the storage/travel bag the item came with, or some type of BREATHABLE fabric
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